About the Programme

Making Waves - Navigators of Hong Kong Cinema


Like a chameleon, the Hong Kong film industry has undergone numerous changes since 1997, from the mainstream commercial fare, experimental independent arthouse cinema, mega-budget co-productions with the mainland, to the more personal creative statements from the emerging generation of filmmakers. Through such relentless storytelling, the filmmaking community reflects on our city's changing landscape while capturing the decisive moments in the history of Hong Kong cinema and the everyday life of its people.  By resonating with the audience, these films transformed Hong Kong film aesthetics or heralded unprecedented awareness of sociopolitical issues, garnering international recognitions or even inspiring countless remakes. We hope this film programme can take you through the evolution of Hong Kong cinema in the past 25 years, celebrating our past success while offering insights into a new vista that will continue to build on resilience and creative innovation.  A virtual [An] exhibition of behind-the-scenes and film stills of local productions from four unit photographers will complete the programme.